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Camping Supplies

Tactical Camping Supplies

The Bunker has camping supplies for the adventurous or tame camper. These include tents, fire pit supplies, sleeping bags, cots, canned goods, packaged meals, canteens, metal grills to place over the fire, charcoal grills, hiking backpacks, shelters, camp chairs, furniture covers, lanterns, and flashlights.

We also have portable shower containers, toilets and accessories, GPS systems, compasses, knifes, binoculars, and insect control supplies. For those who venture out in the water, we have life jackets, canoes, kayaks, and inflatable boats. For food and drinks, we have coolers, filtration devices, and hydration packs. Find everything you need to enjoy your camping trip whether it’s in a tent, camper, or cabin.




The Bunker has many guns available for purchase for target shooting, hunting, and self defense. We have handguns, shotguns, center fire rifles, rim fire rifles, tactical, and many accessories to go with them. This includes ammunition, scopes, holsters, magazines, choke tubes, cleaning kits, pistol grips, bipods, shooting rests, and more. We have new and used guns to fit your needs, preference, and budget.


Paintball Equipment

paintball equipment

Our store has all the supplies you need to play paintball. This includes guns which are classic, marker, 7 pump, project salvo, and mini paintball guns. Paintballs come in orange, yellow, white, black, and more colors. Popular brands include WREK, EMPIRE, valken, and Tiberius. Separate barrels are also available, as well as tanks, safety masks, and air soft rifles and balls. We also have vests to protect your clothes and lessen the blow of the paintballs. Safety knee and elbow pads are available.


5.11 Clothing

Tactical Clothing

This popular brand offers tough clothes for police officers, security guards, and the military. We have tactical pants, TDU pants, EMS pants, station pants, uniform pants, and under gear pants. Shirts include tactical, TDU, polos, concealed carry, holster, uniform, job, t-shirts, and women’s shirts. We have shorts including tactical duty kilts, switchback shorts, training shorts, vandal shorts, patrol shorts, and more. Finally, we have outerwear to keep you warm including uniform jackets, covert jackets, high visibility jackets, tactical vests, job shirts, and concealed carry jackets.


At The Bunker, we have a large selection of military surplus! We also have a line of 5.11 clothing, sell paintball equipment, camping necessities and an assortment of firearms and ammunition.

We also help sponsor and put on events such as the airsoft event OPERATION DEMON CORE! Check out our Facebook Page for more information about upcoming events!