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Military Clothing

Military Jacket

The Bunker has military clothing including combat shirts, paracord belts, t-shirts, sweatpants, camo pants, shirts, and jackets, sweatshirts, hard knuckle gloves, aviator helmets, bandanas, cotton shorts, briefs, BDU t-shirts, socks, pistol belts, dress pants, tank tops, suspenders, and more. We also have specialty jackets and coats including vests, rain suits, ponchos, windproof jackets, fleece pullovers, shooter vests, parkas, drab, and more. We are continually getting in new styles and additional products.


Military Shooting

Tactical Military Goods

In addition to our other guns and ammunition, we have military shooting supplies including ammo can, tactical vest, scabbard, brushes, holsters, sniper masks, machetes, bandoliers, wrist bands, bags, pouches, cleaning kits, and more.



Collectible Military Helmets

We know you are proud of our military whether you served in it or just support it, so we have collectibles to show that. These include helmets, radiation detectors, field phones, gas masks, fallout shelter signs, dummy rounds, defense badges, lighters, dummy grenades, canteens, flags, patches, and stickers.


Backpacks and Bags

tactical backpack

We have transport packs, canvas packs, flyer’s kit bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags, backpacks, assault packs, and more. Carry all your camping or other military supplies in the right size bag.


Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies

The military has some of the best emergency supplies for many situations including surgical kits, fire starter kits, freeze dried food, snack packs, garden seeds, long term food buckets, flood control bags, hurricane preparation kit, candles, and more.



The Bunker also has many military accessories including shovels, survival cord, watches, tarps, dog tags, rope, flags, tow straps, nets, goggles, wallets, passport and ID holders, toothbrushes, and cleaning towels.


At The Bunker, we have a large selection of military surplus! We also have a line of 5.11 clothing, sell paintball equipment, camping necessities and an assortment of firearms and ammunition.

We also help sponsor and put on events such as the airsoft event OPERATION DEMON CORE! Check out our Facebook Page for more information about upcoming events!